توقف کنتور آب. آب رایگان آب نامحدود هک کنتور آب. هک زندگی

توقف کنتور آب. آب رایگان آب نامحدود هک کنتور آب. هک زندگی

How to stop the water meter (water counter)
Water meter stop. Free water. Unlimited water. Water meter hack.
The video involves a magnet N52 bought here

►Neodymium magnet to stop the meter – and here –

Life hack. Are you still paying for water?
In this video I will show you several ways to stop water counter ( water meter) with magnet ( neodymium )
How to shut off your water meter
How to get Real Free Water

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آموزش تصویری هک کنتور آب

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  1. Got a ITRON AQUADIS 2020. How do I stop ir?? The old one, i used a magnet but this new os diferent.

  2. I got the magnet and tried this. It did not work. I got an N52 magnet. Why didn't it work?

  3. Judge would not go lightly on you if caught no doubt any utility tampering after 911 they got more charges to file. And you saving a half penny a gallon all of us have to pay to make up for lose. Don’t forget about karma you can’t go around that and stealing is like numero uno as it causes a ripple effect by those effected and since only ten percent of your self is occupying that container all of us the other 90 % that know better are up there beepopin and hob knobbin with the aliens mainly the Orion’s and Arturians and You will Rat your self out to the elders and together will cook up and plan to “learn “ your faulty ten percent as Earth is full of ten percenters trying to hone your social skills so you can move on to do something worthwhile. That plan that you and them watchers hatch up ain’t never pretty so you never get away with it in the end and if it’s intentional karmic blow back is Usually swift and severe. True try it out and pay attention to what comes down the pike atcha. Share it here on the thread. 😳🍿

  4. U can't stop lattest water meters,becasue they are made of plastic and no magnet will stop it from running.This magnet crap cheat i used like 7-10 years ago and for like 7 years all of the old meters have been changed because everybody was cheating with a magnet! U are damn lucky if u have old typed of water meter who can be stopped with a magnet…

  5. Soooooooo easily detected by the Utility Department when they see the drastic change in usage.

  6. most meters are digital now
    maybe a ball valve before the meter and a diversion pipe around it may work allow a small amount thru the meter but most flows around it

  7. Is the only way to get caught by someone seeing it in person? or can the water company tell just from the feedback?

  8. The easiest way is to consume as much water as you want! Then remove the water meter (attention before and after the seal, do not damage it). Then, with a vacuum cleaner, pump the air in the opposite direction. In this way the contour is reset! God blesses Romania!

  9. just disconnect the meter and spin it around on the weekends. Do your all of your laundry water the lawn like crazy wash your car then spin it back around Sunday eve. Thats what Ive heard anyway

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