سرنگ حذف جرم گوش – نحوه استفاده در خانه (DIY)

سرنگ حذف جرم گوش – نحوه استفاده در خانه (DIY)

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– Video demonstrating how an earwax syringe is used to flush earwax out which can be performed in both adults in kids. It has a special tip that shoots out 3 separate streams of water directed towards the ear canal wall (0:34). The tip also contains vents to allow water exit. It is not unusual to have a mild dizzy sensation with ear flushing (dizziness is minimized if water as close to body temperature is used). However, if any severe dizziness or pain, stop immediately.

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  2. Basically, here's the gist. Ear drops can make the process of getting ear wax out a tiny bit easier, but really the most important thing is to rinse it out.

    I recommend only using ear drops once a day for 30 minutes at most. Rinse your ears with water over and over, and do these sessions a few times every day, and one day, it'll finally come out. Make sure you spray a bit hard, and if it's a ball syringe (or anything else that shoots water straight ahead), point it to the side of your eardrum, so towards the wall of your ear canal. Water will still hit the eardrum, but the difference is that this will slowly break the wax from it.

    The biggest thing here is patience. It works, even though it feels like it doesn't. Just give it a few days and try not to stress about it.

    Also, if you are stressed because you feel like water is trapped in your ears, it's not water. It's wax. As soon as the wax comes out, you'll be able to hear. The water comes right out.

  3. Bfore I have problem in my left ear cannot hear bcos of the water come inside after that my boss bring me in the doctor dn the doctor did desame in the video and its proven and tested..

  4. I've got one of those and I use it the same, correct way and still nothing comes out, even though there is ear debris

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