نحوه انجام ECG 12 لید

نحوه انجام ECG 12 لید

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This video demonstrates a method of performing a 12 lead ECG and has been made available for guidance only, you must always follow your local processes and procedures.

The maker of this video always strives for excellence and acknowledges that electrodes are not being held in the correct way and that the clinical waste bin should not have been touched with his hand.

Produced by Clinical Illustration Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust 01902 695377
He has since amended his clinical practices.

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  1. This is something the patient takes lying down. The test gets to the heart of the matter. The technician is sticking to the job with the electrodes. At the end of the test the electrodes are a real rip off and have an uplifting experience and a tear-able experience. They also have a pull up and this has nothing to do with children's diapers. This is also a hair raising experience. This results in sticker shock. Electrode installation is a pressing situation. When the patient gets up from the bed, they change their position on the EKG. The success of the test is down to the wire. When I joke about gel, I'm spreading it pretty thin and the gel is a sticky situation.

  2. I was so eager to see the lower limb leads being placed, but you didn't show that part. In fact its the entire reason why I watched the video in the first place. That being said, very thorough video. I learnt so much that i didn't even know that i didn't know.

  3. All thanks to God and Dr Oziengbe on YouTube I was able to get rid of my Heart disease with the herbal medicine I order from Dr Oziengbe,.

  4. I was watching this without sound, and thought everything I knew was WRONG when you were demonstrating poor placement (~ 9:50). I'm so glad I rewatched with sound lol

  5. I think the point was made with the male patient. The females dignity should have been respected; her breast was exposed for training is inapropriate. A maniquin could have been used or verbally explain slight differences and lift breast,

  6. Yeah right,Load of Bollox,you try getting this quality of service in any NHS Hospital in London…………

  7. I am transgender female to male, do u think i will still be able to wear my binder during a heart trace?

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