چرخش پایه والیبال چگونه کار می کند

چرخش پایه والیبال چگونه کار می کند

Many of my athletes have not been involved in volleyball before they start with our program. This explains the basics of rotating and rotated positions.

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آموزش تصویری چرخش در والیبال

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  1. This helped me so much! I am currently on my first year of actually playing on a team (i have self taught myself all of the skills i know for the passed two years) and i am trying to figure out rotations! Again, this video helped tremendously and it didn't feel like it was cramming information down my throat. thank you for all your help!

  2. i Play Volleyball and no one ever explained the basic rules to me, I knew I had to have some knowledge before joining a team but I nearly had any and i think you should still get some stuff explained, right? My teammates got annoyed with me bc I don’t know how rotations work and I always had to check what they’re doing in order to keep up. Haven’t been able to play because of an extreme heat wave where i live and then I went on a 10 days trip with my family, my sister lost interest in volleyball so I couldn’t and still can’t practice with her but your videos helped me so much. Thank you

  3. Great job explaining this I really needed it! I just began volleyball this year so thanks!

  4. Wait so how does the rotation work with like people in certain positions? (Like that person is a setter and it’s time to rotate)

  5. I really enjoy this illustration, this is a very good presentation. Could you please tell me which software are you using for this illustration?
    Thank you, much appreciated.

  6. Very helpful! So I have a question…..if the team A is serving, but team B gets the point, that triggers a rotation correct? And does both team rotate or only the team that just lost a point(team A in this instance)?

  7. i am watching this because i haven’t played volleyball in over a year due to the pandemic and i forgot about volleyball rotations haha i’m just getting back into it

  8. when your team gets to serve again after you served do you serve again or do you rotate?

  9. When I was watching the other videos none of them specified when you could leave rotation, and I’m not that smart so I got confused

  10. i have loads of videos in a playlist so when my volleyball gets delivered i know how to do stuff😂

  11. You deserve more attention.
    You actually explain it really well.
    It doesn’t feel like a math test

  12. two questions, 1) so after the serve is made anyone can go in front or behind anyone? or do we stay in this formation the whole game? 2) once the serve is made can someone playing the the back row go up to the front row? or do they stay in the back? thanks!

  13. What other volleyball basics do you want to see explained? (Oh, and thanks to the commenters for mentioning "Haikyu!!". I didn't know it existed. Very interesting story!)

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