چگونه می توان آب، متر هک رایگان دریافت کنید!

چگونه می توان آب، متر هک رایگان دریافت کنید!

Using a magnet to stop the numbers from moving in a water meter.

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آموزش تصویری هک کنتور آب



  1. He says he’s “saving money.” 🤦🏼‍♂️ Dude, you’re stealing! You’ll end up paying the piper in the end. Fear God and seek His Son Jesus Christ for salvation and the water of life that will never make you thirst again!

  2. You do know you can trick the meter but not the system. When your usage changes they inspect the meter, revenue investigators get involved and will monitor your usage compared to your prior average. They’ll either pro rate you incrementally, change your equipment, put you on a time of use plan or take legal action if they find you’re tampering with the meter. The simple fact the dust cover containing the meter number on it is missing should be grounds for replacement. Newer radio frequency meters pick up your read regardless of magnetic interference and if 5g linked, can send an alert if any tampering of the meter is detected. Not worth the few bucks you’re trying to steal, especially if they stop your service by shutting your line off or worse severing the main in the street, the county or city will pass the costs of that utility work to you.

  3. Stealing from tax dollars…you should be charged. all for a commodity that is fairly cheap. Did you steal a pack of chiclets today also? Loser.

  4. Haha!! I have no idea how this video came to my feed but I like it. So many worked up people. Keep doing you man. These agencies have so much money I doubt you stealing will make any difference. The nice guy always finishes last 👍 thanks for sharing.

  5. If you get caught it can be a federal offense… All public and private utilities are governed by Homeland security….

  6. Hey dude, did you know that these meters have magnet sensor? All of them have it. You are screwed now LOL. They will know exactly how much time magnet was attached. Of course it depends if they are smart and how they prepare bills, but 10000% meter collects such data. Then they can count the teoretical amount of water you could use with the maximum flow over that time, or simply tell you to pay the amount of water that is missing on their main meter. Have a nice day

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