EMT COVID-19 Vaccination MIEMSS Training

EMT COVID-19 Vaccination MIEMSS Training

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  1. Check latest conversations regarding aspirating when administering covid vaccines. It's suspected that clotting inflammation pericarditis myocarditis issues may be a result of injecting into vessels, vaccine goes straight to the heart.
    Every preventive measure is appreciated.

  2. All intra muscular injections should be aspirated as there is a risk of injecting directly into a blood vessel.. all muscles have blood vessels and younger or athletic people are likely to have larger blood vessels.. the risk may indeed be low but it is certain that accidental intravenous injections will happen, it's just common sense.

  3. Aspiration is necessary for vaccines regardless of what you say as you imply no mistakes are ever made, all people have the same biological 3D blueprint, that all vessels and veins are exactly in the same place and that the possibility of hitting a blood vessel is absolutely zero.

  4. For those that have never given and IV injection or have never drawn blood, you should know that by chance injecting the content of the vaccine IV in the deltoid muscle is ridiculously low if not zero. Most people that bleed when given an IM injection in the deltoid is because a superficial blood vessel has been damaged by the needle. Not becuase the medication has entered the cardiovascular system.

  5. Over 20 countries have now changed how they administer the vaccine by adding aspiration due to blood clots, heart attacks and strokes due to if the vaccine is injected into a blood vessel instead of the muscle the spike proteins replicate and attach to blood vessel walls and platelets then attach causing blood and heart disorders!!!

  6. You are forcing people to vaccinate because you have created a deathly virus, you know that.
    Giving people vaccine is a crime, because you create more people to live in poverty. *STOP THE VACCINE CRIMINALS*

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