Easy Cheesecake Recipe | چیز کیک یخچالی ساده

Easy Cheesecake Recipe | چیز کیک یخچالی ساده

Biscuit Cheesecake
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200g whole wheat biscuits

100g butter

200 g breakfast cream

200g cream cheese

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1 tablespoonful gelatin powder

1 package of jelly powder

How to make biscuit cheesecake:

First, crush biscuits into fine crumbs. Melt butter in a warm water bath. Then, stir the butter into biscuits crumbs and mix well until the mixture begins to stick together. Press the mixture into the bottom of a springform mold, using the bottom of a glass and put it in the fridge for 1 hour.
Meanwhile, we’ll prepare the cheesecake filling. At this stage, mix together the cream cheese, breakfast cream, vanilla and sugar until well-incorporated.
Pour gelatin powder over one half cup of cold water and set the mixture in a hot water bath until mixture is translucent and dissolved. After that, add it into the cream mixture and stir well until smooth. After an hour, pour the mixture into the mold on top of the biscuit base and put it in the fridge for another 2 hours.
Mix jelly powder with a glass of boiling water and then mix in a glass of cold water. Allow to cool. Then, gently pour over the set cheesecake, using a ladle.
You can decorate the top with fruits to your liking. Refrigerate for another 1 hour until the jelly is completely set.

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