C – زایمان سزارین به صورت زنده (کامل)

C – زایمان سزارین به صورت زنده (کامل)

Caesarean, pregnant women, obstetrics, gynecology, forceps, placenta ,ovary , Fallopian tube, umbilical cord, surgical instruments, newborn

As in an open book we witness the birth of a child through a transverse cesarean operation. It is a fun and didactic film, address to students of medicine, nursing and anyone who likes this subject. It shows the instruments needed and the technique used step by step.

Award for the best obstetrics film at the III International Videoprimaria Medical Video Contest, Vigo – Pontevedra – Spain 2005.
Film selected at the XXIV Biennial Scientific Film Competition in Ronda. Málaga – Spain 2006.
Film selected at the XXVIII International Medical Film Competition Health and Telemedicine Videomed*, Badajoz – Spain 2012.
(* Videomed – Badajoz is considered the most important international medical film competition in the world)

#زایمان #سزارین #به #صورت #زنده #کامل

آموزش تصویری کشیدن بخیه سزارین

Caesarean,pregnant women,obstetrics,gynecology,forceps,placenta,ovary,Fallopian tube,umbilical cord,Surgical instruments,newborn,C-section,c section,c section delivery


  1. My first and only baby was a c section and man.. you don't know how much you really use your stomach muscles till you can't!!
    Women are otherworldly, we are divine ✨️

  2. I’m about to have my second c section, hopefully my man doesn’t pass out watching 😂😂👌

  3. I had 2 c sections. I was looking everywhere to see a real c section instead of animation
    Thanks a lot.

  4. Just removed the outer iron today. Had c-section a week ago. Honestly God is wonderful for blessing these doctors with this skills. Am grateful for having my baby boy. He makes me forget about the pain. He's worth it. 🥰🥰

  5. I wanna show this to my husband….he never knows my pain😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  6. I had my daughter 6 years ago by c section and am finding out right now how they did it…

    My experience was not a nice one. I wish they'd let me go natural.. I felt like they were stealing her out of me. The yanking and pulling when they were taking her out.
    I hope I don't have to go through that ever again =(

    Thankyou for the upload.

  7. I just had a c-section 9 days ago it wasn’t planned at all so I wasn’t given all the information I needed. Just the basics and watching this is much more than what was explained I’m traumatized by the whole birth experience and planning to get a hysterectomy I don’t think I’d be able to put myself through pregnancy again and most certainly not birth

  8. The background music is responsible to feel quite relaxed while watching this horrible 😱😱

  9. I can’t believe I went through this…it actually wasn’t that bad though. My recovery was quick and baby came out perfect ❤️ I didn’t have staples though…I had dissolvable stitches.

  10. Fuck i thought they cut it but here they were just tearing her apart i feel really bad for my mum she had c section because of me😶

  11. I've had 2 C-sections and it was so painful to heal from. It took 2 weeks until I could cough without hurting so bad I wanted to puke. I've never had a natural birth and I wish I would have. My first C-section was scared into me. The doctor said my baby was growing to big and we needed to get him out soon because I would have "a long 40 hour birth". His words exactly. I was a first time mom and scared so I listened to my doctor. Years later I found out he lost his license for do 90% C-sections on all patients, because he got paid more money do do surgery instead of delivering a natural birth. Because of that I've had to have only C-sections.

  12. I had a C Section done last week after a failed epidural labour causing baby in distress. I can’t believe I went through this!!!

  13. I can't believe have gone through this three times… Kudos to all mother's n doctors who take us through this…. Wah.. can't give it a trail again … It's traumatizing….

  14. I want to give a big respect to our doctors ❣️❣️ , the doctor profession is not so very easy

  15. I want to give a big respect to our doctors ❣️❣️ , the doctor profession is not so very easy

  16. 7 tahun berlalu, saya mengalaminya , tidak merasakan apa pun sebelumnya.
    Karena niatnya hanya periksa USG, tetapi tanpa di kira2 hari itu juga saya mengalami nya, karena ketuban yang sudah keruh dan tulang panggul nya kurang.
    Dan perkiraan akhir bulan ini saya akan mengalaminya lagi untuk yang ke dua.
    Semoga Allah memberikan kemudahan bagi kita semua.
    Terimakasih banyak kepada tim medis, pekerjaan yang sangat mulia, menyelamatkan 2 nyawa sekaligus..

  17. Great video ☑️❤️
    Here we go the extra mile to suture the peritoneum and appose the muscles with tiny sutures. Reduces risk for adhesions.
    Good one

  18. After 37 weeks of pregnancy suddenly at night I was unwell. Went to doctor to know my son died inside me. Went through all this 3 weeks ago only to deliver my motionless son whom I couldn't even see.

  19. I'm here after having a c section 24 days ago
    I don't know how i overcome the intial days
    Thank God 🙏 now I'm recovering

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