Slaughtering ostrich شتر مرغ ذبح

Slaughtering ostrich شتر مرغ ذبح

Slaughtering Ostrich On the formhouse of my friend is an amazing experience
Most Of My Friends Like This Video Very much on whatsapp status So I Have To Upload Whole Video On fb on their request..!!!

#Slaughtering #ostrich #شتر #مرغ #ذبح

آموزش تصویری ذبح اسلامی مرغ



  1. dum hai to apne bchho ki qurbani do..taki allah khush hoe bezubaan ki deke tum kise khush kr rhe ho…🤣🤣🤣asmani ko

  2. All the people in the comments section offended, where do you think all the chicken, meat, beef comes down to your plates?
    They all are slaughtered just like the way this ostrich is slaughtered. They are slaughtering it for food. What's wrong in it?

  3. Sahi tabiyat ky annarri qasai hn wai bnda jutti utaar ky dhulai lga Dy inki salo murgh tm sy pkrra nai Jaa raha idhr bachiya hoti to sb ky Berra garak krwa dety ye

  4. আরে শেক এমন ভাবে একটা পানিরে কস্ট দিস না

  5. I feel Muslims (70%) don't have mercy on other animals… U don't have any fucking right to decide the death of an organism! God has given u veg food to eat but no u people want only meat! Not only Muslims this is for all those who harm animals… They even have w family mothr fathr sister brother u aren't god it decide it's span

  6. Could you make this process anymore stressful? Seriously there’s way better ways of doing this.

  7. those bastards are having fun while torturing the animal and keep sliding the knife so many times in it's neck which probably also hurts a lot. I think they deserve to be poor and stay poor you shouldn't be sad that kind of people are being poor.

  8. Is this killing for food or a public execution? And whats with all the smiling when it was dying?

  9. Taking so much effort to kill this harmless ostrich. can you imagine slaughtering a cow or a bull? Noooooobbbbsss that's what we call you 👎

  10. You fucking son of bitch i curse you you all who is responsible for this act will will be rotten in hell for thousands of years… This my curse to all of you

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