Subcutaneous (sub-Q) Injection

Subcutaneous (sub-Q) Injection

This video shows how to administer a Subcutaneous (sub-Q) Injection.

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  1. I have been a nurse for 30 years and have two insulin dependent children, I have given thousands of injections and have never seen a subq injection given in an upward motion like this in the arm!

  2. I gave a filgastrim inj just now and the patient made me feel like I didn't do it well.It kinds show like there was goose bumps over that area,I am pretty scared that it will form an access.What should I do?
    I told her to apply ice pack to that area.Im scared.

  3. What if the surrounding isn't desinfected? And what if the shot is done in the tricep? I am no professional, I got the allergy flu this season, but they didn't do it like this

  4. Do you have to do anything dif when you self administer? I am traveling for the next few months and have to inject my subcut. shot by myself for the first time. I have done it to other people and animals in the past but never had to do it to myself. I am a little nervous about doing it wrong.

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  9. Great video, but there are some problems with this injection technique!
    1-you should always secure the head of the needle with one hand and push the plunger with the other.
    2-after injecting the needle in, always push back the plunger to make sure there isn't any blood. If there is withdraw and prepare another syringe, then repeat the procedure.
    3- injections should be given at rate of 1ml/10s.


  10. In my RN school of nursing class of 2003 this is incorrect technique. You give if on back of arm..the posterior side not lateral and up higher within 3 side finger lengths from shoulder plus you dart it in to minimize pain not slow push..u also have to allow time for alcohol wipe to dry before injection to prevent alcohol entering site and cause burning..absolutely no aspiration or rubbing site after.

  11. For a local injection, how would you do this for the upper neck? I can pinch together alot of material on the back of my neck to pin into, but arent sure if its eligible to be pinned

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  13. "According to the CDC, aspiration is not indicated for IM injections of vaccines and immunizations, nor is it required for subcutaneous injections of immunizations, heparin, and insulin. However, it may be indicated for IM injections of medications such as PCN."

  14. Is it me that notice that the needle should go by 45 angle and should the bebble up and she forgot to aspirate

  15. Thanks, appropriate it's B12 as doctors in UK seem unwilling to increase frequency of (the cheap) B12 which makes so much difference to PA sufferers.

  16. I watched the video and it looks easy watching it, but in school we done it differently im going to try the videos way

  17. she swabbed a different area from the area she actually injected into. how funnay.

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